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Supply-Side Hydrology in India

The plan for inter-linking rivers is based on the simple and deeply flawed belief that rivers have surplus waters and that floods and droughts can be banished by technical solutions alone. This belief is grounded in the troubled legacy of hydraulic management in the sub-continent dictated by a supply-side approach, which ignores the complexities inherent in river ecosystems.

Pink Gold: Transformation of Backwater Aquaculture on Goa's Khazan Lands

This paper explores recent economic and environmental changes in what had been an ecologically balanced subsistence production system in Goan coastal villages and, in particular, the socio-economic forces behind this reversal of productive strategies. In part, these local productive choices and their environmental impact are rooted in global economic forces and markets, seemingly far removed from the backwaters of Goa. Although there are many interrelated dimensions of this transformation, the author focuses on the growing importance of backwater pisciculture at the expense of agriculture and the fragile khazan environment.

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