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Modernity, Terrorism and the Masquerade of Conflict

America's wars on Afghanistan and Iraq have raised many questions on terrorism, modern war, the role of Islamic fundamentalism in opposition to the west's appropriation of modernity and the continuing relevance of imperialist military and economic aggression in contemporary north-south debates. Terrorism is a form of identitarian conflict which has a history rooted in the colonial past of many third world countries. Afghanistan is a good example illustrating the consolidation of so-called modern and traditional identities in modern history. Time and again western imperialist powers have portrayed Afghanistan as the battle frontier of western civilisation. This essay offers a deconstruction of this western mythology and points out that a holistic critique of the western appropriation of real and symbolic modernity is necessary to comprehend the problem of religious terrorism and thereby wrest the anti-American initiative from the terrorist.

Central Asia: Impact of US-Led War on Terrorism

The war on terrorism after September 11 has brought a deepening of the US involvement in the central Asian region. This projection of American power into the centre of the Eurasian land mass has no historical precedent. With central Asian nations relying heavily on the US, its military presence there has been legitimised.

Tryst with Fate

The origins of the tension between India and Pakistan go beyond diplomatic imperatives, as each country is keen to pose itself as America's lead ally in the region. This paper while situating the relationship between the two nations against the backdrop of new American imperalism, argues that the conflict will remain unresolved until its very terms and those defining partition, the relationships between communities too, are revisited.

Airport Profiling: Cost-Benefit Calculus and Beyond

Given the reality of the terrorist threat to air travel, increased screening is something we need. But isn't it worth it to us to have everyone searched equally carefully and treated with an equal amount of dignity and humanity regardless of their ethnic, religious or racial profile? And if one must degenerate into a cost-benefit analysis for this, it is worth considering whether it is the failure to treat certain minority groups with equal humanity and dignity that causes them to be disaffected in the first place.

Pervez Musharraf at Gates of 'Ijtihad'

The state of Pakistan cherished as a pioneer of Islamic revival, today faces a palpable dilemma. With terrorism vitiating the civil order and crippling the economy, the state would be reckoned to have failed. Musharraf's recent speech proposing a middle course between westernisation and Islam brings Pakistan face to face with a historic moment that should be seized.

Re-promulgation of POTO

The re-promulgation of POTO by the government after it had failed to introduce it in parliament is a subversion of the Constitution and a usurpation of the powers of the legislature by the executive.

India-Pakistan Relations

The suicidal attack on the Indian parliament building on December 13 merits condemnation in the strongest terms.


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