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Web series like Aashram offer more honest and rooted representations of Dalit communities, but not entirely without a Savarna gaze.

Problematic Ownership Patterns: The Evolution of the Television Distribution Networks in India

TV distribution is riddled with political ownership and the emergence of near-monopolies in the languages, states, and metros’ markets. There are instances of cross-media ownership among the national cable companies. Such information is either deeply embedded, or available in a non-transparent manner.

CAS without Convergence

WEEKLYECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CAS without Convergence The government has ordained that from July 14 all metro cable homes will receive their television signals over an addressable system, popularly known as conditional access. The conditional access system (CAS), claims the government, will lower the cost of television viewing by separating the delivery of free-to-air channels from that of pay-channels and enabling consumers, with the help of a set-top box (STB), to pay for only the channels that they want to watch. Cable operators are obliged to deliver 30 freeto- air channels for Rs 72 per month plus taxes, without insisting on an STB at the consumer

Contemporary Woman in Television Fiction

One of the main offshoots of the phenomenal growth of satellite TV has been the media focus on women both as a key target audience as well as the main protagonists. The portrayal of women and the family has accentuated the women movement's growing concerns over the discriminatory nature of the family. Media research must go beyond auditing media content and quantifying acts of omission, bias, stereotyping, violations and distortions and consider how media is able to create a day-to-day communication with a cross section of the audience and in particular, with women, using tried and tested symbols, identifiable associations, safe narrative structures and a mundane and everyday situational framework.

Linking Pins in a Global World

World Satellites over South Asia: Broadcasting, Culture and the Public Interest by David Page and William Crawley; Sage Publications, New Delhi/ Thousand Oaks, London, 2000; pp 495, Rs 250 (paperback).

Changing Times

Politics after Television: Hindu Nationalism and the Reshaping of the Public in India by Arvind Rajagopal; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2001;

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