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When the Jawaharlal Nehru University was founded in 1970, one of the earliest decisions taken by its executive council was to set up a Centre for Studies in Science Policy (CSSP) in the School of Social Sciences. However, there was a freeze in admission of students in the late 1970s and the centre remained in suspended animation for a decade and a half. The centre was revived in 1996 and has got into its stride in the last three years. The revival, rebuilding and accelerated development of the CSSP augurs well for the S and T system in the country.

Forgotten Propagator of Science

Balaji Prabhakar Modak was a man who went against his times by fearlessly advocating the imperative for vernacular education and the need for scientific education, to help bring his country at par with the west. He was one of the first in western India to begin translation of important scientific works into Marathi, using words in regular usage. Yet, Modak's contribution was equally noteworthy in history - his work on the history of Kolhapur constituting a landmark in Marathi historical writing. Sadly he left no inventions or a loyal band of followers after him, which explains his invisibility in the wider canvass of Indian scientific history.

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