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Nostalgia, Belonging, and Healing

Thinking of Him tells interlinked tales of distress, oscillating between the past and the present.

Nostalgia, Timelessness, and Humanity

Agratifying recollection of an era when paper soaps could be found on long-distance train journeys, office spaces saw fax papers, and rotary dial telephones were considered “valuable” communication devices, Devashish Makhija’s postscript “Kaalia” (EPW, 27 November 2021) made me revisit Koji Suzuk


Much before the cell phone, the ubiquitous black rotary dial telephone sparked the imaginations of children in 1980s’ India.


Gamak Ghar and Remembrance of Things Past

Watching Gamak Ghar, the author attempts a reconciliation with abandoned origins, an uprooted childhood and the undispersed family that used to be.

Viral Nostalgia and the Case of the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the last few months, the digital community has effectively responded to the overwhelming changes brought forth by the global calamity with definitive expressions of nostalgia, among other things. The multifarious digital platforms have gone viral with old images, posts, and memories of intimacy and sociality, expressing a yearning for the pre-pandemic times and the restoration of “normalcy.” This article seeks to locate the close connection between illness and nostalgia by tracing its evolution through the fraught medical history of “homesickness” and its “nosological mutation” under the sway of industrial modernity. Finally, the article seeks to understand the current onrush of nostalgia and its significance as the affective aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis engulfing the world.

An Exercise in Nostalgia

Locating Home: Hyderabadis Abroad by Karen Isaksen Leonard; Oxford University Press (South Asian reprint), 2007; pp 416, Rs 750 (hardback).

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