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Data Discrepancies between National Surveys and Official Reporting

The growing discrepancies between the survey and official data have become a serious issue in recent years. This has allowed researchers, administrators, policymakers, and individuals to take opposite positions on policies, programme or even the political regimes. It is in such a context that this article looks at some of the data anomalies in institutionalised surveys and official sources.

Rationalising Truths Out of Textbooks

Ideologically streamlining the curriculum in the name of rationalisation will constrain the minds of students.

Modifying School Textbooks

All textbooks, as a matter of course, should be revised regularly. However, at no point should they become a site for an ideological battle between political parties, and the impact on the students using them should be the main focus.

Stated and Unstated Aims of NCERT Social Science Textbooks

Social science textbooks are not and cannot be objective or unbiased. What is included and what is excluded in a textbook indicates the ideology and the aims of the textbooks, whether the aims are stated or unstated. The questions are: Which ideology? Which aims? Some excerpts from the present NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) textbooks indicate unstated aims of facilitating students' conformation and integration into the present social system. This is indicated by the use--and absence--of terms and concepts such as "capitalism" in these textbooks. Apparently the unstated aim is that if capitalism remains un-understood and unanalysed, it may not be questioned, and students will not realise that there is any alternative to capitalism. In the present circumstances, what can a textbook maker who stands on the left do?

Tedium of Schooling

Social Implications of Schooling: Knowledge, Pedagogy and Consciousness by Avijith Pathak; Rainbow Publishers, New Delhi, 2002; pp 260, hardback Rs 325

Where Have the Mangoes Gone?

Mangoes have always been the most popular illustrations in primary school mathematics textbooks. But they have been replaced by apples, peaches, hazelnuts and cherries in the brand new NCERT textbook for class one. Worse still is the replacement of the Indian bullock cart with an American model. Serious note must be taken of these changes since illustrations play an important pedagogic role in school textbooks.

National Curriculum Framework and Its Values

In spite of the NCERT's proposed claims that its new curriculum framework with its far-reaching changes has incorporated the suggestions of academicians and teachers, it is unlikely that parents, who along with teachers form the silent and invisible stakeholders in the education process, have been consulted. This essay by a parent makes a forceful argument that education must continue to uphold those values that serve as a prerequisite for society's progress and the inherent conflict these values have with the proposed new framework.

Education Reforms: Inspired Incompetence

Professional ethics and standards are irrelevant for a dispensation concerned only with the instrumentality of education as a means of social control and ideological propagation. Why the system proved so weak and vulnerable to this kind of summary manipulation is a question that reflects on the character of the Indian state's encounter with modernity.


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