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Reading K N Raj in the Age of Free Market Fundamentalism

This article tries to assess how K N Raj would have weighed in on some of the major contemporary issues like the trade policy, farm crisis and reprivatisation of public sector banks on the basis of his many writings. It also highlights his views on the fundamental orientation that an academic discipline like economics needs to have for contemporary social relevance.


Political Economy of Indian Economic Policy

The Evolution of Economic Policy in India: Selected Essays by P N Dhar; Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2003; pp 255.

World Bank-CII Study on Competitiveness

The study should be seen as one of the first attempts to define and legitimise the second generation of economic reforms. However, the narrow definition of 'investment climate' employed in the study excludes several important factors that govern competitiveness, such as social infrastructure.

A Vietnam Diary

America has not disappeared from the Vietnamese memory screen. There are two Americas in Vietnam. One, an America which they vanquished and the other an America which is a possible new ally, at least a friendly power which might make a useful contribution to the economic reconstruction in Vietnam.

Debacle of Neo-Liberalism

Let us ask the question of questions in view of the staggering calamities engendered by two major world depressions of the 20th and 21st centuries and the havoc wrought by neo-liberalism: Is capitalism capable of reforming itself? By what modalities?

Indian Industry

Indian industry has had to bear the brunt of the government's recent espousal of free market policies. However, 'co-opetition' as a conscious strategy decision could help to smoothen the rough edges of competition by putting forward a variety of options - firms working together on a mutuality of interests; the devising of strategic alliances or even embracing a combination of several moves like combination management and/or marketing that could prove especially beneficial for the small sector industry.

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