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Memories of Football

A football fan revisits football history and reminisces about changing allegiances, patron saints and football greats.

Football Fandom, Nationalism, and Patriotism

Is the act of supporting a national sports team necessarily a nationalistic endeavour? Can someone who supports the national team of another country be considered a foreigner? The #MeriDoosriCountry campaign, which promoted telecasts of the recently concluded FIFA World Cup by invoking Indian football fans’ affiliations to foreign teams, provokes several pertinent questions about the relationship between fandom and patriotism.

When Capital Masquerades as Football

Football might be touted as the social unifier by the dominant powers, but in reality it is the site of the most violent social divisions and ensuing protest movements. To cede spaces of football to the forces of capital will be to let go of these very forces of struggle. 

Dribbler, Passer, Poacher

Lionel Messi, star forward and captain of the Argentine football team, displays a genius and artistry that will long outlive the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

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