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Epidemics and Capitalism

In the context of the spread of COVID-19, a number of left and progressive thinkers, scholars, and activists have deliberated upon the linkage between contemporary capitalism and epidemics. Many of them tend to argue that such epidemics originate due to tendencies inherent in the capitalist system of production. While these interventions present some useful critical analyses, they also tend to present a one-sided view of this relationship, founded on a deeper confusion regarding the human–nature relationship under contemporary capitalism.


Health Workers in the Time of Ebola

This letter is in response to the editorial, “In the Time of Ebola” (EPW, 8 November 2014). Among the many relevant points, the editorial mentions the shortage of healthcare workers in the Ebola-affected countries in west Africa.

In the Time of Ebola

Sound healthcare systems are the only insurance against deadly viruses.

State Secrets, Profits and SARS

If SARS showed the weakness of the centralised and authoritarian Chinese political system, it also exposed the fact that in giving primacy to business profits, Toronto could let down its guard too soon. It is not only the lack of democracy, but also the enshrining of profits that is a culprit.

Bioterrorism : Lessons in Coping

Over the last 10 days in the US, since the first exposure to anthrax resulted in a death, the early anxiety expressed so freely and publicly, without any evidence whatsoever, that the country may be made a target for bioterrorist attacks, appears to have been borne out. The authorities and the media immediately attempted to link the anthrax exposure to a Florida lab in the proximity of which one of the hijackers was reported to have stayed. And since then such has been the scare that there have been daily reports of ‘white powder’ being received in the mail, although only very few have been identified as having contained anthrax spores. This growing paranoia about bioterrorism prompts numerous concerns.

Madhya Pradesh : Politics as Ecology

Sal trees were infested on a massive scale by a wood boring beetle in 1996-97 in Mandla and neighbouring districts of Madhya Pradesh. Remedial tree felling was conducted under the guise of ecological action, exposing the economic undercurrents. The government investigations conducted mostly by the state forest department were mere cover-ups. Following the central government and Supreme Court directives prohibiting tree felling, the pest attack has declined, falsifying the official speculations of an intensification.

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