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Politics of Regulating Digital Media

While ensuring the accountability of big tech, the IT rules must not stifle free speech.


Media in Religion and Politics

The role of popular media in furthering the politics of the day cannot possibly be underestimated. Robin Jeffrey analyses the role that technology has played in Indian elections historically and explores the potential of new digital media powered by 4G enabled phones in elections today.

Can Independent Journalism Thrive under Paywalls?

Paywalls divide the public sphere by exacerbating information inequalities and thwarting a common understanding of what constitutes a public good, thereby hurting democracy.

The Next Internet Bust?

Facebook's recent colossal acquisition of WhatsApp is yet another sign that we are now in the middle of a new internet bubble. This bubble is different from that of the late 1990s in that it is being driven by excess liquidity in the system and the search for the "next big thing" like Google and Facebook.

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