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Nightmares of an Agricultural Capitalist Economy

This essay presents the findings of a detailed study, done in late 2014, of the conditions of tea estate workers in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. It attempts to place these findings in the context of larger debates over capitalist agriculture and current policy efforts to promote corporatisation and commercialisation of the sector.

Karnataka: Businessmen as Party Leaders

During the licence-permit raj, wealth creation being stigmatised in the public eye, the politician-businessman nexus operated behind the scene. But now successful businessmen owning huge enterprises, like Vijay Mallya and Vijay Sankeshwar, are making inroads into politics and even floating new political arrangements and parties. How will this affect the fortunes of established parties in the state?

Voice of the Unorganised Sector

The march of thousands of unorganised sector workers in Tamil Nadu has brought to the fore the plight of this huge, neglected workforce and helped raise some of their long-pending demands.

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