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Biomedical Research : Time to Get Our Act Together

There has been much excitement in the last fortnight or so over what is being interpreted as India’s arrival at the frontiers of biomedical research. Although stem cell research has been quietly under way for some time, the listing of India as a source of stem cell lines by the US National Institute of Health brings the development into the open. Two institutions, Reliance Life Sciences and the Bangalore-based National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCB), have been recognised as among 10 institutions all over the world which may be doing collaborative research in the area and which have been made eligible for US federal grants. This has put the department of biotechnology (DBT) in something of a tight spot – but all its own doing.

Process of a Vaccine Trial

This paper describes the complex process of a clinical trial of Mw anti-leprosy vaccine. The receivers of the bio-medical products are viewed not as mere cases seen through the protocol of the trial but as persons within different social contexts with their own understanding of the product in relation to their bodies. The issue becomes more complex in the case of the Mw vaccine as it is not only a prophylactic but also a therapeutic vaccine the patients negotiate between their understanding of the disease and the product. This also influences the biomedical discourse as the clinicians have to negotiate a balance between the therapeutic and experimental aspects of their work.

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