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Economic & Political Weekly · Joy Is Not Made To Be A Crumb Mary Oliver said, joy is not made to be a crumb But she didn’t tell me how. I grew up in a city Making myself smaller and smaller...
How intrinsic is the element of cost to the idea of gift-giving?
The course of historical injustice and feudal-led colonisation in Kalahandi remains uncorrected through a structural exclusion of the marginalised.
Sometimes, book clubs are spaces where the privileged come to feel less guilty about their power.
Sardar Udham is a timely reminder to question the nature of the independence we have been enjoying and around which so many government-sponsored celebrations are planned.
The impact of the pandemic on PhD students in the “writing-up” stage of their PhD journey merits serious discussion.
Most mainstream films that centre caste have, even if unknowingly, not understood the historical roots and cultural background of Dalits.
If the global South has for long been studied from afar, given its colonial history, what knowledge can reversing the gaze from a distance produce?
When there are public health threats at the local and global levels, how do researchers decide what to prioritise?
This researcher reflects on how the principle of maitri transformed the field and his relationship with the research participants.


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