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The Indian middle-class obsession with food, weight and body image can be traced to the 1990s era of globalisation and consumerism.
Locating the coordinates of the north and the east in the poetry of northeastern India brings into focus the compelling sociocultural moorings of the region.
A walk along the beaches of south Goa opened eyes and burst blisters but felt like being on cloud nine.
“Leisure” and “luxury” may well be practically synonymous but the only way to have uninterrupted leisure is to avoid work altogether.
As modern-day cricket has now attained the frenzied status of mass mania in India, purists have begun to flock to other sports.
Self-portraits are passe – the “selfie” is the order of the day if you own a smartphone and wish to post your own mugshot on some social media.
This year’s edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala displayed disturbing trends of a dilution of core aesthetic and social norms.
As computers take on grandmasters and often beat them convincingly, the game of chess has undergone a significant transformation.
Since the 1960s, contemporary Indian poetry in English has been in a pathetic and moribund state.
The history of gold hunting in New Zealand is replete with the little-known story of a gold-digger with an Indian connection.
The Bangalore Literature Festival turned out to be a forum for pleas for a post-national south Asia structure.
Contemporary theatre in Kerala is being shaken up by a bunch of new directors who display a fresh sensibility.


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