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As the old gives way to the new in Kodagu, those who grew up in erstwhile Coorg rue the changes that tourism has brought to the region.
Enjoying literature for its own sake often becomes difficult as fiction’s windows change even as the landscape of the world remains familiar.
Down the ages, literary works have often used woman as a spicy condiment, eventually devaluing and debasing her natural role, even if unintentionally.
Burdened by a financial crunch and lack of patronage, the theatre scene in Punjab is dismal even for an award-winning director.
The award-winning Marathi film Fandry is a powerful narrative of adolescent love torn asunder by the harsh realities of caste.
The sorry state of toilets in public places, which are often stinky and non-functional, calls for the development of a Gross Toilet Index.
The once-imposing heritage-filled city of Madras has been reduced to the automobile-crazy metro of Chennai, ablaze with shiny glass and concrete.
The revamped Nehru Centre Library in Mumbai aims to provide booklovers and researchers a serene atmosphere for comfortable reading.
Modern climbing is obsessed with goals and objectives as climbers strive for the myth of the courageous gladiator.
In the run-up to the forthcoming general elections, the humble tea has become the quintessentially quotidian symbol of national political discourse.
The perception of a Haryanvi culture of boorishness and misogynist chauvinism may be a stereotype that is reflected in other parts of the country too.
A growing sentiment against hartals in Kerala is finding expression in media and civic discourse as well as in contemporary Malayalam films.
Bringing out little magazines of verse in English is inevitably an uphill task, as the experience of Poetry Chain reveals.


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