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Koothattukulam Mary was a woman who shed sweat, tears and blood to build the communist movement in Kerala.
If sport seeks to matter by giving the arena what it wants, then the marketable format, with its thirst for success at any cost, is what it will get.
The Indian cinema industry functions within a territoriality that sometimes overlaps political and linguistic lines, but most often merges, splinters or transgresses them.
The marathon, perhaps the most elemental of all sports, celebrates self-discovery and a non-competitive pushing of physical limits.
Midnight’s children, born in the middle of the 20th century, have to cope with a radically different time in which the young refuse to grow up and the old refuse to fade away.
As consumerism alters the social fabric of India, collapsing economic and caste differences even in distant villages, consumption patterns have become difficult to decipher socio-economically.
The new Government of India would do well to imitate the us public library system and allocate more funding for public libraries.
Behind the devotional spectacle of the annual pongala festival at Kerala’s “all-woman” Bhagawathy temple lies the reality of commerce and inequity.
The achievement of 13-year-old Malavath Poorna, a tribal girl from Telengana, in summitting Mount Everest last May is a pointer to the power of pro-poor policies.
The Indian media’s coverage of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was marked with an obsession for polls and polling.
In translating Vishwas Patil’s A Dirge for the Damned , Keerti Ramachandra has managed to convey the ire of those who are today the invisible casualties of Indian modernity.
Amidst the excitement of Brazil 2014, few realise that the football World Cup is the biggest single gambling event of the decade.


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