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The Indian sense of privacy is mediated through personal friendships and kin networks, in contrast to the exaggerated politeness of the West.
The coverage by Indian television channels of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the us smacked of frenzied veneration and falling victim to snake-charming guile.
As its greatest neighbour and the next world leader in waiting, India needs to treat China with a nuanced approach that takes advantage of diplomatic openings.
In sports, politics or public life, what separates ultra-hyper patriotism from sheer xenophobia is often a razor’s edge.
From the point of view of inclusive democracy and ecology, the issue of animal protection cannot be simplified into a human versus animal dichotomy.
Writers often have to battle mental illness and depression, which is not a productive disease and ought not to be glamorised as the mark of genius.
When Buddhist monks encounter science in an experimental initiative, the result is a quest to understand the world through passionate debate.
Thinker, video artist, writer and activist, Harun Farocki will live on in the radical documentary films and video installations that marked his oeuvre.
The success of the Pro Kabaddi League has been an eye-opener for the “other side” of television executives and audiences long disdainful of this Indian sport.
As Madras enters the 375th year of its founding, we still do not know why the sepoys of the Madras Native Regiment gave so much to the founding of the Empire and were yet quick to rebel.
The possible abbreviations for the Leader of Opposition offer an interesting diversion into the origin of words and their usage.
As many of the common birds that once inhabited our gardens disappear, we have to worry about our concern for conservation.


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