ISSN (Print) - 0012-9976 | ISSN (Online) - 2349-8846


The immersive exhibition “Passage to Asylum” encourages the visitor to engage with the lived experience of refugees closely and thoughtfully.
The progress of cinema as an art form can be seen through the emergence of an independent language of depicting the urban.
Drag culture in India, misunderstood as a Western import, is inherently political and tells untold stories of India’s diversity.
Panchayat ’ s insightful portrayal of the quotidian aspects of rurality is marred by its unrealistic portrayal of caste in a Uttar Pradesh village.
Repeated invocations of “India” in the literary scape seemingly exclude India’s North East.
Mirch Masala’s invocation of M K Gandhi celebrates independence from an external colonial state while also manufacturing consent for the modernising initiatives undertaken by the postcolonial state.
The most valuable tool that we have against misinformation—and those that seek to actively misinform—is a critically thinking population.
The Worst Person in the World is a definitive statement on the existential crisis faced by the current generation.
Food writing can function as an alternative mode in historiography, making visible the history of the Anglo-Indian community.
Thinking of Him tells interlinked tales of distress, oscillating between the past and the present.
Pakistani poet Fahmida Riaz decried the dominant narrative in Western feminism of Muslim women as wholly marginalised and without agency.


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