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Malayalam classic Ramanan is both an elegy for a dear friend and a poet’s angst seeking answers and redemptive action to prejudices, inequality, and societal injustice.
Many in the Indian media with critical views of the government are increasingly choosing to be silent due to the fear of isolation.
Contemporary American comedians and satirists perform important, multifarious roles in fractious times that engender a cathartic space while speaking truth to power.
Sindhi migration to India is being characterised by a growing loss of syncretism and an increasing alignment with right-wing politics.
Telugu biopic Mallesham presents a refreshing and holistic take on the importance of dialogue between stakeholders and research in the textile industry.
The tradition of debate and dissent—which was the very soul of Sanskrit poetics—made an abrupt disappearance in the colonial period.
It’s a time of sleepless days And angry nights. Human rights stripped away, Endless privilege on the other side. The news so dark – It keeps us up all night. We watch the country burn The flames, too...
The humanity of a “ghost” is revealed in the stories and memories surrounding a family-owned orchard.
South Korean boy band BTS brings people together and gives them a sense of belonging to a “Mikrokosmos,” a universe created for love, kindness and oneness.


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