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The song Jingostan employs sarcasm as a tool for critical inquiry but stops short of leveraging its potential for a political statement.
Urdu writer Joginder Paul’s writing establishes him as an avowed humanist free from the diktats of literary-political movements.
From Solemn Celebrations Marking India’s Freedom Movement, National Festivals Have Become Vulgar Sites To Celebrate The Hindu Male.
Scholars of protests must think of how they can give back to the communities they are studying and drawing knowledge from.
Irula tribeswoman Nanjiyamma winning a National Film Award has once again laid bare our elitist, casteist conceptions of art.
rain is a step away from pain in english look, i have lost my thoughts again in english through the soft air of that last poetry class she asked me to write a refrain in english i would write this...
Can a return to a far-from-healthy past be considered recovery?
Present-day attempts to saffronise Indian history have a precedent in the Greater India project.
Malayalam classic Ramanan is both an elegy for a dear friend and a poet’s angst seeking answers and redemptive action to prejudices, inequality, and societal injustice.
Many in the Indian media with critical views of the government are increasingly choosing to be silent due to the fear of isolation.
Contemporary American comedians and satirists perform important, multifarious roles in fractious times that engender a cathartic space while speaking truth to power.


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