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The film presents a rare opportunity to discuss the importance of consent, autonomy, and the right to say no, even within the context of an existing relationship.
There is a systematic erasure of Dalit students’ negotiations with the erasure of anti-caste history and traditions in the school curriculum, stigmatising Dalit students at every stage.
Pariyerum Perumal illustrates the deeply entrenched casteism that transcends human society, infiltrating the lives of non-human beings.
Anamika’s Hindi novel, Trin Dhari Ot , places women at the centre of war and conflict through a feminist retelling of Ramayan .
Do we need to embrace our scars while remembering departed parents, spouses, and prospective lovers?
Aqua’s portrayal of Barbie as a “bimbo,” seeking fulfilment through Ken’s company, is confronted with a self-reliant and independent Barbie in Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s 2023 rendition.
Conceptualising art as a process and situating it at the beach—a creative margin—open new possibilities for thinking about land art and artists in radical ways.
Jacques Derrida’s hauntology invites us to confront the enduring presence of the absent in understanding the legacy of the India–Pakistan partition.
This forgotten and out-of-print travel book remains perhaps the sole document of the countrywide tour of 45 Bengalis in 1969.
Wes Anderson uses his cinematic medium ingeniously to tell a story of three different spatio-temporal contexts.
Green Humour for a Greying Planet bridges the knowledge gap in public awareness through creative storytelling.


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