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From Our Correspondent

From Our Correspondent
September 16, 1967 with Hindi? This, too, is shortsighted. It can be justified only if English is to be the sole link language of the Indian Union. If there is to be an indefinite co-existence of...
It was beyond the U F or anybody else to repair the damage in six months or six years
SOUTH Language and the South THERE IS UNEASINESS but as yet no eruption on the issue of language in the South. The most explosive State on this issue
hand. Will the demoralised chieftains, who once exercised undisputed sway, realise that there is no nation-moving potential in political gimmickry?
economy had raised the gross national product to 97 billion dollars at the end of the fiscal year 1966. In terms of G N P this makes Japan fourth among the non-communist countries, next to USA, West...


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