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TELCO-Bumpy Ride

prefer to call a spade a spade, and a betrayal a betrayal. Not that there have not been other major instances of breaches of faith in between, but the parallel between how the Khan brothers were made the sacrificial lambs in the mid-summer of 1947 and the manner in which the Tamil Tigers are now receiving their comeuppance is worthy enough to be noted, Will applied cynicism serve the purpose it is intended to serve ? Will goodwill and admiration for the Indian authorities start oozing out of Colombo's pores, and convey the appropriate message to Bangladesh, Nepal and the Maldives? Such a denouement is unlikely. The Sri Lanka administration is split down the middle on the wisdom of the accord, and the adversaries most directly involved were reluctant journeymen at the signing The bleeps from Colombo thus promise to be both confused and contusing Should the Indian logistical support to the rebels be withdrawn, the violence might.abate, but with the crucial referendum still a prospective event, tension would continue, there would be much mutual suspicion in the air, and those who are compulsive India- baiters might find no particular reason to change their tune merely because the Indian prime minister would dearly want them to This individual has already created a niche for himself as an inveterate signatory of accords pieced together in haste Such accords have also tended to come apart very soon with an eerie regularity Besides, the accord at Colombo notwithstanding, Bofors will be Bofors, and Punjab will be Punjab. One feels like adding, the gripping drama at the inespc- tion of the. farewell guard of honour at Colombo notwithstanding But not that no lessons at all need be garnered from what will pass as contemporary history For the family which was presided over the shaping of Indian destiny over the forty years since 1947, it has been a continuum of three generations: the daughter following the father and her son succeeding her There has been of late much learned comment and analysis on the wide chasm which allegedly separates the grandson's social philosophy and political reflexes from the grandfather's The contrary is the truth Heredity does indeed matter. Neither Mahatma Gandhi nor the reactionary Sardar from Bardoli was responsible for the abrupt collapse of the Cabinet Mission proposal for an Indian federation and its supplanting by the Mountbatten plan to cut up the country. It was the poet-politician from Anand Bhavan who chose, without too great a provocation, to get involved into a purposeless argument with the Muslim League president in the spring of 1947, which ensured the country's partition. Perhaps the squeeze put on the profits they had accumulated during war time by the League finance minister in the interim government persuaded the Hindu capitalists to encourage the poet-politician from the sidelines. One thing led to another. Within the breathtakingly brief interval of nine or ten weeks, Pakistan emerged as a reality, and the Khan brothers were despatched to their fate The grandfather's impetuosity is now riding piggyback on the grandson's shoulders. It is a proud inheritance. The Sri Lanka Tamils are receiving their just deserts; they trusted too much. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan lies in deep coma. It is anniversary of a sort TELCO Bumpy Ride TATA ENGINEERING AND LOCOMOTIVE COMPANY (TELCO) has shown very ppor financial results. for 1986-87. Although turnover increased trom previous year's Rs 868.07 crore to Rs 992.79 crore, gross profit dropped from Rs 52.31 crore to Rs 24,50 crore reflecting the severe erosion of margins. Not profit is only Rs 2.93 (Rs 16.29 crore). Nearly one-Half of the equity dividend, slashed from 23 per cent to 10 per cent is short-earned, whereas lastyear's distribution was covered 1.30 times by earnings.

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