Was the Education Guarantee Scheme in Madhya Pradesh Successful?

The Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS) in Madhya Pradesh was set up by the state government to universalise primary education and ensure access to it for the marginalised sections of the society.

R Gopalakrishnan and Amita Sharma’s 1998 article, “Education Guarantee Scheme in Madhya Pradesh: Innovative Step to Universalise Education” argues that the EGS has ensured quality primary education in the state, and has also empowered the local communities. Rahul responds to Gopalkrishnan and Sharma, debunking their claim that the EGS has been a success. Gopalkrishnan and Sharma respond, arguing that Rahul’s rejoinder is baseless and devoid of any analysis.

Vinod Vyasulu adds that according to his observations in the state, the EGS was fulfilling its mandate of making education accessible. P D Khera responds to Vyasulu with opposing field observations of the EGS.

A few other works that have responded to or are broadly related to this discussion:

  1. Education Guarantee Scheme and Primary Schooling in Madhya Pradesh, François Leclercq, 2003
  2. Education Guarantee in MP, Manu N. Kulkarni, 2003
  3. Community Participation in Primary Education, Vimala Ramachandran, 2001
  4. Community Pressure for Higher Quality of Education: Rural Primary Schools in Karnataka, N Mythili, 2002

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