Gandhi in 150 Articles: A Journey Through Our Archives

Reading Gandhi today is more than just an engagement with his written word. For several decades, scholars across disciplines have attempted to arrive at a holistic understanding of Gandhi by attempting to read his writings and practices together. 

This process of building a cogent idea of Gandhi is still underway. A large part of this scholarship on Gandhi can be found in the archives of the Economic & Political Weekly. Starting from the 1960s, some of these articles have included investigations on the historical roots of Gandhian modes of protest, the application of Gandhian principles to economic development, as well as his ideas of trusteeship. Going beyond the public perception of Gandhi and his ideals, there has also been an examination of the contradictions posed by him. For example, was Gandhi accepting of the caste system or did he denounce it?  Was he racist? Or, what were his views on women's oppression?

We have compiled this diverse repository on Gandhi in the form of a list of articles, organised by their date of publication in the EPW, to mark Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary. 


Click on the icons below to view the list of articles for each decade.

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