Research Radio Ep 2: Why Should We Be Critical of the 2018 Supreme Court Judgement on Section 377?

In this episode, we speak to Jason Keith Fernandes about the implications of the 2018 Supreme Court judgement that decriminalised queer sex. 

A 2018 Supreme Court ruling that decriminalised queer sex was widely celebrated. Judges and petitioners framed the move as India  “decolonising itself” of British legislation and beliefs. Based on an examination of the 495-pages long judgement, researcher Jason Fernandes shares with us that the court’s framing is simplistic and limited.  Rather than rupture the Brahmanical nationalist project, the judgement  buttresses an “ideal citizen subject of the Indian nation-state.”

The insights he will share are based on an article he published in Economic and Political Weekly on 4 January 2020 titled “Probing into the Freedoms of Queer Liberation in India.


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