Mallu Swarajyam's Testimony of Struggle


Mallu Swarajyam was very active in the Telangana armed peoples' struggle. It took place in the in the erstwhile Hyderabad, the Nizam's land, where land and particularly forced labour on land, became an issue. It was part of what we would say, the antiimperialist, anti-feudal struggle which took place in the country before 1947 and it continued into independent India.

Based on the article Testimonies of Struggle, published in EPW in 1998, this feature is the first part of a series that narrates the experiences of three women in the early days of independence – Dasriben Chaudhari, from Vedchi, Swarajyam, a leader of the Telangana movement and Ila Mitra of the Tebhaga movement in West Bengal.

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