Ambedkar in 2021, Episode 6: What Role Did Ambedkar Envision For the State to Play in Ensuring Equity?

In this episode, we speak to Nitin Dhaktode and Aditi Priya about welfare schemes and the role of the state.


Dr B R Ambedkar has written extensively about economics and development. Along with proposing landmark legislations, he was also attentive to the impact of policies on those from marginalised castes and on women. Our guests will examine the policy landscape and focus on two landmark programmes—the National Food Security Act’s provisions for maternity entitlements and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act—and whether they actualise Ambedkar’s vision of a democratic socialist India.

Nitin Dhaktode and Aditi Priya join us on Research Radio. Nitin is a senior doctoral research scholar at the School of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He has also worked with social audit units for over three and a half years in Hyderabad and across India. Aditi Priya is a research associate at LEAD at Krea University, Sricity. She started the group Bahujan Economists. Her research interests include maternity entitlements, maternal and child health and gender-based violence and the role of the police.  

We will be discussing Aditi’s article “Birth Pangs: Universal Maternity Entitlements in India” and Nitin’s article “Caste in MGNREGA Works and Social Audits.”

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