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​Writer, researcher, life-long fellow traveller of the progressive movements and long-time author with the Economic & Political Weekly, Gail Omvedt passed away on 25 August 2021. In this reading list, we present some of the highlights of her scholarship published in EPW.  

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This article assesses various changes to the Personal  Data Protection Bill, 2019 proposed by a...
The 1947 partition of British India on religious lines significantly impacted Hindustani classical...
News and current affairs programmes on radio are vital for the future of any democracy. However,...
With the frantically incessant economic production activity that apparently projects no end, the...

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Do water policies recognise the differential requirements and usages of water by women and the importance of adequate availability and accessibility?
Personal Laws in India present a situation where abolishing them in the interest of gender justice also inadvertently benefits the reactionary side.   
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