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The synchronised monetary tightening and external sector shocks will hurt global growth.
India’s first tribal president reveals the potentials as well as pitfalls of representative democracy.
A depreciating rupee will further add to inflation and weaken the external sector.
Demographic constraints will continue to weigh down on growth and development.
The National Achievement Survey shows that students from disadvantaged social groups lag behind.
Despite disruptions of global supply chains, investments into China continue to accelerate.
Bulldozer-led demolitions are emerging as a new form of extralegal punishments in India.
Slump in consumption, surging prices, and slow growth in key sectors are likely to stall the recovery.
The Aryan Khan saga has exposed the ills of the NDPS Act and the criminal justice system.
Recommendations of the new state of inequality report do pose the challenge of implementation.
It is a clear case of the government doing too little too late.
The government is expected to focus on collecting accurate and timely mortality data.
Prioritising expanding credit and preventing non-performing assets is crucial for an inclusive banking policy.
The Amazon Labor Union’s success in the United States reiterates the politics of organising labour.
Despite the recent gains, the relative size of the exports sector remains significantly below the peak levels.


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