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Indigenous and mainstream knowledge should be combined to nourish the people and nurture the planet.
Lack of access to disadvantaged minorities and discriminated social groups limits the gains.
Regulating big-tech companies and ensuring a level playing field is no easy task.
Rural poverty is now four times that of the urban levels, and it accounts for 90% of the nation’s poor.
The launch of the central bank digital currency is a bold step in the right direction.
Large grain stocks hold the key to greater food security.
The depleting import cover of reserves will further aggravate external sector vulnerabilities.
A deficit in healthcare and its skewed availability across states remain major limitations.
The slowdown in the growth of life expectancy, schooling, and income has become a major challenge.
Growing market uncertainties and recurring calamities demand higher social security.
The onslaught against freebies is yet another attempt to disempower the poor.
The independence of institutions is being subordinated to the political calculations of the ruling regime.
The release of Bilkis Bano’s tormenters puts a question mark on the provision of remitting the convicts.
Care for all children is integral to the future of a responsive nation.
Dichotomy is the hallmark of India’s development gains over the last 75 years.


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