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Gains on the gender front must now be extended to other disadvantaged groups and laggard states.
State budgets continue to support the macroeconomic recovery even as state fi nances deteriorate.
Only an inclusive approach in the higher education sector can facilitate the transition to a knowledge economy.
A sustained economic recovery requires that the huge growth deficit in industry be reversed.
The inefficacy of crop insurance in times of growing weather volatility can be debilitating.
Monitoring interfaith couples is another way of reinforcing patriarchy with a communal intent.
New challenges on the trade front call for a radical restructuring of policies.
The discontinuation of the MANF discriminates against researchers from minority communities.
Despite the soaring debt of sovereign nations, there is still no magic number to decide the optimal levels.
The urban mediated transition of con­straining social space to becoming more enabling has remained truncated.
Resilient remittances will help cushion the impact of volatility in foreign investment inflows.
The slump and recovery in growth varied substantially and adversely affected disparate states.
The huge write-off of loans and the low loan recoveries by banks favour the large borrowers.
The weak finances of municipal corporations seriously limit urban welfare.


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