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The leap into the future is being viewed with uncertainty and pessimism.
The devolution formulae that discriminate against the poor and middle-income states must be reworked.
The wrongs of the UPA government cannot whitewash the mediocre performance of the NDA regime.
The rhetoric of “four castes” masks the ongoing violence of caste and struggles against it.
The laggard states need to more than double their enrolments to meet the new education policy targets.
While the collections have increased, the sharp corporate tax cuts significantly dent the resource mobilisation potential.
Following the ICJ ruling, the onus of preventing genocide in Gaza rests with Israel and its allies.
It is time that the disconnect between the youth aspirations and skill sets is checked.
Relevant knowledge production can only take place in the presence of certain material guarantees.
The moral force and churning generated by South African actions should impel global action for peace and justice to the Palestinian people.
Fear of mob violence and harsh working conditions are the root causes of the truckers’ protests.
Ex post facto clearances of violations will only serve to weaken the regulatory regime.
It is important to address the feeling of hopelessness that is driving many Indians to illegally migrate abroad.
Savings and investment constraints severely limit the medium-term growth potential of the economy.
Consistently, the COPs are, at best, inadequate and, at worst, insincere in addressing the climate concerns.


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