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Book Reviews

Book Reviews
Strategic Challenges: India in 2030 edited by Jayadeva Ranade, introduction by Vijay Gokhale, Gurugram: Harper Collins Publishers India, 2022; pp xxviii+306, ` 599.
A Most Noble Life: The Biography of Ashrafunnisa Begum (1840–1903) by Muhammadi Begum (1877–1908), translated from the original Urdu, with additional material, by C M Naim, Orient Blackswan, 2022; pp...
Water Conflicts and Resistance: Issues and Challenges in South Asia edited by Venkatesh Dutta, New Delhi: Routledge India, South Asia Edition, 2022; pp xxviii + 285, ` 1,495 .
Reading the R ā mcaritm ā nas: A Companion to the Awadhi Ramayana of Tulsidas by Rupert Snell with Neha Tiwari, Delhi: Primus Books, 2023; pp xxiii + 503, ` 1,995.
Disaster Studies: Exploring Intersectionalities in Disaster Discourse edited by Janki Andharia, Springer Nature, 2020; pp 462, € 139.
The Mughals and the North East: Encounter and Assimilation in Medieval India edited by Sajal Nag, New Delhi: Manohar Publishers and Distributors, 2023; pp 538, ` 2,695.
Inclusive Development through Guaranteed Employment: India’s MGNREGA Experiences by Ashok Pankaj, Singapore: Springer, 2023; pp 313, $99.
Housing and Politics in Urban India: Opportunities and Contention by Swetha Rao Dhananka, Cambridge University Press, 2020; pp xvi + 232, ` 446.
Reordering Adivasi Worlds: Representation, Resistance, Memory by Sangeeta Dasgupta, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2022; pp 345, ` 1,695.
The Hunger of the Republic: Our Present in Retrospect edited by Ashish Rajadhyaksha, New Delhi: Tulika Books , and West Heavens, Shanghai, 2021; pp 405, ` 200.
Affairs of Caste: A Young Diary by Sumeet Samos, Nagpur: Panther’s Paw Publication, 2022; pp 164, ` 599 .
The School at Ajmeri Gate: Delhi’s Educational Legacy by Azra Razzack and M Atyab Siddiqui, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2022; pp xxv + 501, ` 2,295 .
The New Republic: Populism, Power and the Trajectories of Indian Democracy edited by Shray Mehta and Ravi Kumar, New Delhi: Aakar Books, 2022; pp 192, ` 495.
Mumbai/Bombay: Majoritarian Neoliberalism, Informality, Resistance, and Wellbeing edited by Sujata Patel, D Parthasarathy and George Jose, Routledge, 2022 (Reprint in 2023); pp 257, ` 995.
Contested Representation: Dalits, Popular Hindi Cinema, and Public Sphere by Dhananjay Rai, London: Lexington Books, 2022; pp 268, $105.


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