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Towards an Emigration Study: A South Perspective

Transnationalism literature focuses on the migration process itself rather than broader social changes of the sending society. While it is almost 'natural' for immigration research to link migration to larger issues of the receiving society such as employment, cultural coherence and political solidarity, emigration is rarely examined in relation to the sending society's welfare. An emigration study would call for a rethinking of the discourse of the rights of migrants in relation to the right to migrate.

SARS: Public Health and Social Science Perspectives

SARS is unprecedented in many ways. For one, we may well be the first real epidemic of a globalised Asia. Second, it has prompted new measures put in place rapidly and with wide scope to counter the spread of the disease. How has SARS been perceived by the public and what are the social consequences of the outbreak and the responses? What can we learn about governance from the SARS outbreak? How will it impact on the planning of public health systems, much neglected in this region in the race for economic development in the era of globalisation?

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