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Sectoral Labour Flows and Agricultural Wages in India, 1983-2004: Has Growth Trickled Down?

This paper examines the evolution of poverty in India through the prism of agricultural wages and employment. It links the movement in wages (and hence poverty) to the fundamental process of sectoral labour flow that underlies economic development. It finds that despite the rapid growth of the non-farm sector, its success in drawing labour from land has been limited. Yet agricultural earnings have increased, demonstrating the pivotal role of agricultural productivity. The stock of the labour force already locked into agriculture is large and the best way to improve living standards would be to boost farm productivity.

Economic Reforms and Labour

Shubhashis Gangopadhyay Wilima Wadhwa In this paper the authors have analysed, at the disaggregated level of 2-digit industries, the changing pattern of labour productivity. labour costs and total factor productivity in Indian industry over the period 1973-74 to

Monitoring Budget Deficits-A Time Series Model for India

Monitoring Budget Deficits A Time Series Model for India Srinivasa Madhur Wilima Wadhwa This paper addresses some important issues arising out of the finance ministry's 'Technical Note on Monitoring Budget Deficits' relaesed in August 1990. The paper then develops a simple seasonal ARIMA model for monthly budget deficits and subjects it to forecasting tests. It is found that the out of sample forecasts generated from this model are superior to the B-J forecasts presented in the finance ministry's Technical Note. The paper ends by indicating the scope for further work in modelling the budget deficit.

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