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Ideology and the Architecture of Performance

The role of religious myths in reinforcing and legitimising patriarchal norms is critical and has been difficult to contend with. The interpretation of these myths through the traditional art forms, especially music and dance, carries a powerful effect that works at subliminal levels. Several attempts have been made to use traditional art forms to subvert patriarchal agendas from the women's perspective. Asmita, a resource centre for women, has explored the possibility of using traditional ballet as an instrument of feminist activism.

Peace and Irresponsibility

Recent actions by the Naxalite movement in Andhra Pradesh raise questions about the ethics and lack of accountability on the part of these groups. It is not merely in the bearing and use of arms that the Naxalite movement mirrors the state. Unfortunately there is a stark resemblance even in the indiscriminate and extremely moralistic identification of the enemy who must then be eliminated. The power of naming in this entire scenario vests with the police on the one side and the Naxalites on the other. Actions such as the recent killings by the Naxalites destroy public confidence and increase the faith of people in repressive measures and fascist solutions. The fear of terrorism is not easy to contain and when radical politics begins to use the weapon of terror that, in our view, signals the end of politics.

Reflections on the Peace Process in Andhra Pradesh

Initiating a peace process with the Naxalites was not an act of benevolence by the Congress government, but the first step towards fulfilling a commitment on the basis of which it was given a mandate by the people. It is now time to address several questions pertaining to the entire process that spanned eight months, including the role of the media, the bearing of arms in public, the issue of land reforms and that of ?neutrality? in political matters. The ultimate undoing of a laboriously crafted process of democratisation by a newly elected government is cause for serious concern.

Andhra Pradesh : Women's Rights and Naxalite Groups

For over two decades, the feminist critique of revolutionary left movements in Andhra Pradesh has questioned the lack of visibility for gender concerns on the party agenda. The recent meeting and exchange of views between women's groups and parties on the radical left, however, provided cause for optimism on feminist politics and its impact on revolutionary movements.

To Censor or Not to Censor

In order to grasp the political, economic and social aspects of cinema one needs to ask: Who decides and controls cinema? Who invests in the making of movies? What is the nature of cinema today? And what uses is it put to? What purpose does it serve?

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