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Japan's Nuclear Power Plants under Scrutiny

The impact of the July 16 earthquake in Japan on a large nuclear power reactor near Niigata has raised issues about transparency and safety.

Nuclear North Korea: Politics of Six-Way Talks

Regional and international geopolitics have undergone tectonic shifts. Beijing's foreign policy objectives are now aimed at ensuring its "peaceful rise" and, in this context, it does not want an aggravation of tensions on the Korean peninsula. Washington also had its own reasons to cut a deal now.

A Strategic Partnership between India and Japan?

As a result of Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh's recent visit to Japan, the two countries are about to develop and foster a strategic economic and political partnership. After all, Japan and India desire a stable Asia that is imperative to their continued growth and progress.

Japan and India: Making Up for the Lost Decade

We are witnessing a turning point in Indo-Japanese relations at the diplomatic, political and military levels. How would India and Japan ensure that no single Asian power, notwithstanding its dominant economic and global prowess, dominates and destabilises the region?

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