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Organised Food Retailing: A Blessing or a Curse?

There are serious concerns about the entry of organised retailing in the Indian food sector. What impact will it have on farmers, 'kirana' store owners, traders, commission agents, consumers and the economy? Based on a study of the Indian food retailing industry, this article indicates that while these concerns are valid, there are more winners than losers in the process. The paper also defines business steps that the affected parties can take as well as policy measures the government can adopt to resolve the issues equitably.

Did the Supreme Court Err in Jharkhand Case?

The issues of constitutional jurisprudence that have cropped up as a result of the Supreme Court interim order on the Jharkhand vote of confidence deserve close scrutiny and a dispassionate debate. The events that led to a writ petition being heard in the Court were a subversion of constitutional conventions with fateful implications for democracy. But the solution did not lie in the Supreme Court directing the assembly to conduct its affairs in a manner mandated by the Court in breach of the principle of the constitutional separation of powers. The questionable and partisan action of the governor or speaker must be allowed to suffer a scrutiny by the general public and through the media rather than the Court embarking upon the misadventure of taking over the function of the house itself. This is nothing but usurpation of authority in breach of the principle of separation of powers.

Understanding the Politics of Reservation

Unless the government honestly debates all the issues relating to the proposal on reservation in the private sector, dalits will see it as only a political gimmick, that is, one, a ploy to garner their votes; two, intended to grant legitimacy to the private sector; and, three, an attempt to thwart the development of the emerging independent dalit assertion.

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