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Follow the Rainbow

important factor is that the soil should be a very heavy, black, clayey type. The clay percentage should be more than 50 per cent of the total contents of the soil. This is because the soil should hold the moisture for a long period of time, the basic principle of cultivation of the haveli system being that of growth on the soil moisture alone. The last but not the least is that the knowledge of the management and construction of the band Wans is very necessary as well as the mutual agreement among the farmers as regards the time and order of letting out water from different fields.

Forests and Tribals of Jharkhand

Victor Das Ecology and the environment cannot be looked after by sitting in capital cities, delivering homilies and issuing directives. It is the forest-dwellers, the tribals who have an age-old symbiotic relationship with forests who must participate in the process.

Bihar Teachers Struggle for Rights

Victor Das The ad hoc teachers in colleges and universities of Bihar have been fighting a long and fruitless battle for permanency of services.
THEY are a faceless lot: treated as limpets by the principals of their colleges; as bonded labourers by the heads of their departments; as step-brothers or stepsisters by their permanent colleagues; and affronted time and again by the office bearers of their colleges for enquiring about their remunerations. They are the ad hoc teachers of the several universities of Bihar Yet they are working, despite the endless ordeal, with the fond hope that one fine morning they will be permanently absorbed by the universities. But that has not happened till today in spite of a directive by the highest court of the country! Peculiar, indeed, is this country, as Alexander exclaimed to his commanderin- chief after invading India. While an unskilled labourer is 'supposed to get' Rs 20.50 per day as minimum wages set by our government, a Master's degree holder gets a paltry sum of Rs 20.00 per day as a full-time lecturer. If you ask for justice, the government will look at you with bewilderment as if there is no such word in their dictionary:

Jharkhand Movement From Realism to Mystification

not diverted flows from Asian countries, at least until now.
The second threat (of refusing to renew existing lines of World Bank credit in timely fashion) is more serious. The government is anxious to negotiate a new line of credit for NABARD and for industrial finance (routed through IDBI and ICICI), which could bolster its balance of payments. The Bank is biding its time on NABARD-II, until the government is driven into a corner and forced to accept the 'reforms' at has been insisting on.

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