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We Need to Talk about ‘Language’

The pro-Kannada, anti-Hindi protests witnessed in Karnataka in 2017 once again drew attention to the perpetual tussle for power among languages in India. A personal anecdote reflects on these power dynamics, as well as the politicisation of language in different contexts, and reveals language to be a mere plot device in the greater conflicts fought over the markers of Indian identity.

Not Quite Black

From Frantz Fanon, via Edward Said, to Stuart Hall and Paul Gilroy, we have learnt how, in instances of encounters between people of different national, ethnic and racial provenances, skin colour has been held up as a conspicuous marker of culture (or thereby lack of), as well as a parameter for measuring vice and virtue. There are, however, shades of difference among the people who thrive within this hierarchical arrangement of skin colour. These debates are analysed by looking at Indian popular culture, especially Hindi cinema.

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