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Dissecting the Tax Structure-A Comment

A Comment Ved P Gandhi I WISH I could spend more time to point out the misrepresentations and misstatements about my book "Some Aspects of India's Tax Structure: An Economic Analysis" which Amaresh Bagchi has made in his review.1 In the Preface to my book I wrote "This book has no pretentions to providing final answers. Its major objective is to generate meaningful discussion on the economic analysis of India's tax structure," I am grateful to Bagchi for taking the time to read the book and writing a lengthy review. Unfortunately, a large part of hi

Taxation and Personal Savings

Moreover, it will be seen that the political alliances with other political parties were not inspired on the part of the Majlis by any genuine desire for political integration. It was only intended to show to the Congress Party that Muslims could exercise a significant influence in the politics of the country. The leaders of the Majlis repeatedly stated in their pre-election speeches that they had stood behind the Congress in the hope that it would further the cause of secularism in the country and that they were opposing the Congress only to show that without Muslim support it could not fare so well.9 It is doubtful that in the absence of a more stable Muslim political basis alliance with other political parties will last very long.

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