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Population Front of Indian Economic Development

R Radhakrishna and Ritu Anand for helpful comments without in any way implicating them rn the contents of the paper. Also the views ex- pressed in the paper are authors' own and not of their employers.] References Barro, Stephen M [1984], State Fiscal Capacity: An Assessment of Measurement Methods', SMB Economic Research Inc. Washington, DC.

Population Front of India s Economic Development

Population Front of India's Economic Development Vaijayanti Bhate Sanjeevanee Mulay V M DANDEKAR ('Population Front of India's Economic Development', EPW April 23) has reviewed the trends in relevant population parameters, the progress of family welfare programme and its impact on birth rate in India. The information regarding family welfare programme has been taken from the yearbooks published by the ministry of health and family welfare and the data on birth rates are taken from the Registrar General's reports on 'Sample Registration System' (SRS).

Maharashtra s Rural Health Services Scheme-An Evaluation

December 16, 1978 ous speed through arbitrage techniques to exploit price differentials.
As the above analysis pointedly suggests, the alleged pristine operation of the 'market forces' of supply and demand have been severely abridged by the very mechanisms of the futures market where an exiguous number of giant multi-commodity traders exercise a pervasively powerful influence on world cotton prices. Of pivotal importance in the world cotton economy is that these inherently unstable price quotations from the New York Cotton Exchange are immediately disseminated globally, and act as the barometer for cotton prices in producing countries.

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