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Where Are the Women-Review of Adult Education Primers

to aliens rights available to citizens, since many services can be provided only by establishment in the territory of host country. Restriction on extent of equity holding, aggregate foreign investment, limitation on number of natural persons of country providing services, etc, may not be possible in scheduled sectors (Article XVI). The jobs for citizens and national control would thus be affected. It will not be permissible to restrict transmission of data to-the country of providers of service and their being processed there, Measures which restrict or require specific types of legal entity through which a service provider may provide a service shall not be maintained. What happens to areas restricted to co-operative sector or for small-scale sector under our industrial policy adopted by resolutions of parliament? Lastly, many of the policies covered by various agreements are within the jurisdiction of states or are concurrent subjects. No doubt Article 253 of the Constitution allows parliament to legislate in such areas also to give effect to an international treaty. However, since many basic policies of state governments are involved, e g, in the agriculture sector and for regional development, provision of various services, etc, they must be consulted before any commit- ment is made with respect to such areas. A ratification by parliament of the emerging agreement and consultation with states should be necessary, contrary to past prac- tice, as no such wide ranging international agreement affecting national and sub-national policies and of concern to many sections of the people has been concluded before. After all, it will be possible to give effect to many of the provisions of Dunkel Text through legislation only.

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