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Drug Price Control An Evaluation

This payer sets out to achieve the following three objectives: (1) to develop a framework for examining the problem of price control in the context of the drug industry; (2) to use this framework for considering whether there is a conflict between the short-term and the long-term benefits of the price control to the consumer; and (3) to use this framework again to analyse the Tariff Commission Report and the Position Paper on Drug Prices submitted by the OPPL Lack of adeqaate empirical data made it difficult to achieve the second objective. In our analysis of the Tariff Commission's Report and the OPPI Position Paper, it became evident that there was considerable difference of opinion between the two on what should be the 'adequate rate of return1 and on methodology for its measurement These differences are discussed in detail.

Uncertainty Analysis in Capital Investment Decisions-Some Aspects

Uncertainty Analysis in Capital Investment Decisions Some Aspects V L Mote Venkutai H Patel B G Shah This paper does not propose to discuss the many conceptual problems in the areas of cost of capital or techniques of computing rates of return. Instead it discusses some aspects of the measurement of the benefits from investment and development of criteria for choice of a project.

Computers as Aids to Management Decisions-Application to Linear Programming

Application to Linear Programming V L Mote B G Shah The variables that need to be incorporated into management decision-making have increased mani- fold. At the same time, the magnitude of inputs that have to be committed to projects has increased considerably making sub-optimal decisions very expensive. Hence the need to use advanced 7nethods to aid decision-making.

Concept of Planning A Case Study

In this paper we cite a case study of "planning'' at the Ahmedabad Branch of the Praja Bank. The study underlines how creative aspects of the planning process can suffer if planning is reduced to a mechanistic target-setting and budgeting exercise with or without formal use of environmental data.

Decision Analysis Experiences and Expectations

V L Mote M Meenakshi Malya Are the days of management by hunch over ? Does a formal approach to managerial problems exclude judgment of experienced executives ?

Costs and Competitiveness of Indian Cotton Textile Exports

Cotton Textile Exports S Paul V L Mote An attempt is made in this article to analyse the costs and competitiveness of selected cotton textile products.

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