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Student Discontent and Educated Unemployment

COMMONPLACES are frequently worth repeating. A commonplace, social scientists should occasionally be remind- ed of, is that their explanations of events determine the kinds of policy considered relevant to bring about changes in similar future events. By rejecting one level of explanation, such as behaviour based on fairly immediate self-interest- ed motivations, and replacing it by another, such as the determinative influence of child-rearing practices in later adult behaviour, the social scientist implies, if not insists, that policies to alter behaviour in some desired way can be effective only if they treat that level Indeed, the comparative inattention by relevant policymakers to the findings of social scientists, who work primarily within an area studies frame- "That much of the Indian unrest is due to lack of remunerative employment for the educated middle classes and to the pressure an the land of the uneducated masses is a truth so widely recognised that a mere reference to it, without supporting arguments, suffices,. ." Arthur Mayhew, "The Education of India''

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