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US-Saudi Arabia Relations: Coming of Age

The traumatic experience of 9/11 has provided both the US and Saudi Arabia the opportunity for a coming of age of their bilateral relationship. While the US will continue to guarantee the internal and external security of the kingdom, it will also insist on implementation of substantial reform programmes. On its part, Saudi Arabia, while maintaining strong links with the US, may be expected to pursue new political and economic engagements, particularly with principal European countries as also its neighbours, Iran and India.

Iraq-US Confrontation-Coercive Diplomacy, Brinkmanship and War

Coercive Diplomacy, Brinkmanship and War Taufiq Subhan AT the end of the cold war, president Bush heralded the advent of a new world order with the following words; "We have a vision of a new partnership of nations that transcends the cold war. A partnership based on consultation, co-operation and collective action, especially through international and regional organisations, A partnership united by principle and the rule of law and supported by an equitable sharing of both cost and commitment. A partnership whose goals are to increase democracy, increase prosperity, increase the peace, and reduce arms." President Clinton echoed this approach, seeking to enlarge the circle of nations "that would live under free institutions in order that the opinions and energies of every person in world will be given full expression". These high-sounding principles were speedily abandoned when the US faced its first major crisis, i e, the occupation of Kuwait by Iraq

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