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Amartya Sen in Search of Impure Welfare Economics-Finding New Space

Welfare Economics Finding New Space Tapas Majumdar " Amartya Sen has succeeded in not only widening the universe of discourse of the economic science as we knew it almost beyond recognition, but also deepening it with the use of the disaggregated sub-concepts that he devised and that more closely corresponded to the surrounding reality. Thereby he has been able to create space where none had existed. Within the confines of that space the scholarly debates in economics wilt move for the foreseeable future, In these debates Sen's own voice would no doubt count for much. But that must not be seen as the sine qua non of the change we are talking about.

An Education Commission Reports

An Education Commission Reports Tapas Majumdar The education commission set up by the West Bengal government under the chairmanship of Ashok Mitra has, by implication at least, left us in doubt about what it thought of the state of education in the state THE government of West Bengal had set up an education commission in August 1991 under the distinguished chairman ship of Ashok Mitra. It was asked to look comprehensively into the state or education in West Bengal since 1977. The base year was considered an important landmark presumably because a Left Front government in its present shape had first come to power in West Bengal that year. The education commission completed its task and submitted its report just within a year (by August 1992), which must be by itself regarded as quite a commendable achievement, considering the spread and unevenness of the educational terrain that the commission had been called upon to cover.

Investment in Literacy for a High-Technology Society

High-Technology Society Tapas Majumdar Literacy and modernisation are conceptually interrelated and, therefore, their pursuit should be also interdependent. Yet the two movements appear to be proceeding in their respective 'self-reliant' ways. This paper tries to talk about the interrelationship and the interdependence, chiefly from the economist's point of view.

Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Economics- Report on a Conference

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