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Kashmir A Conspiracy of Silence

Kashmir: A Conspiracy of Silence Ashok Rudra T N Srinivasan IT is now more than nine months since the historic events that altered the political map of the Indian subcontinent. In these nine months, the euphoria that followed the establishment of Bangladesh has largely evaporated. Indo-Bangladesh relations are entering a phase in which each country has to face its economic and political realities. Hopefully, now that the romantic dreams have been laid to rest, an era of co-operation based on hard-headed appreciation of each other's interests both where they conflict and where they coincide, will emerge.

Political Response to the 1966 Devaluation

coastal Andhra industrial house in the past quarter century, (2) a sample of the headaches in starting a small industry

Income Distribution-Patterns, Trends and Policies

Patterns, Trends and Policies P K Bardhan T N Srinivasan THE Planning Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute held a Seminar on Income Distribution in India on February 25 and 26, 1971. A version summarising the proceedings of the Seminar appeared in the March 13 issue of this journal ("Who Are the Poor?" pp 608-10). In our view this summary does not adequately cover the range of issues discussed as well as some of the conclusions that emerged. In view of the importance of the subject, we thought that it would be useful to present a more comprehensive summary of the discussions based on the chairman's opening and concluding statements as well as the detailed notes of the points math' by individual participants as recorded by the rapporteur of each session.

Resource Prospects from the Rural Sector-A Comment

P K Bardhan Hanumantha Rao ("Resource Prospects from the Rural Sector : The Case of Indirect Taxes", March 29, 1969, pp A-53 to A-58) could have gone further than he did in his welfare analysis of the differential indirect tax burden on rural and urban consumers of similar money income groups.

Electricity and Coal Balances in the Fourth Plan

T N Srinivasan This note suggests an alternative method of checking the mutual consistency of targets for output of different sectors of the economy set out in a plan. In contrast to the input-output and material balances techniques the method suggested here is that of simple or multiple regression of output of one sector with the output of one or more of the other sectors which have a bearing on this sector's activity.


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