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HONG KONG-Trade without Politics

HONG KONG Trade without Politics T J S George THE time seems ripe to consider whether the question of trade between India and China cannot be approached without reference to inhibiting political factors. This is not an original thought: the world's most powerful economies are today trading with China despite incessant hate campaigns on the political front. Some of them have vastly more pressing reasons to be wary of China, politically and militarily, than India has. But they have a good deal of common sense also.

PHNOM PENH-Two Cambodias

PHNOM PENH Two Cambodias?
T J S George THERE is a noble boulevard in this city which is already named March 18, after the day Norodom Sihanouk was toppled. There is no street yet named April 30, the day American troops inarched into Cambodia. Howevei, every street in this capital is a memorial to the war that has finally caught up with Cambodia and its gentle people. Every other man wears a uniform. Even working girls go to their offices in military greens because after half a day's work they must attend army drills. Armed soldiers stand guard behind sandbags in front of every public building. Vehicles are stopped in mid- road to be checked for Vietcong infiltrators. Cartoons against Sihanouk 'dog' and posters against the Victcong Virus' are pinned on every wall and every tree in the city. And fear and rumours fill the air.

HONG KONG-Never the Same Again

April 4, 1970 stated them in their posts. The engineers had been suspended by a CPI minister in the first United Front ministry about two years ago under serious charges of corruption. An inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigations was still proceeding against them. No sooner was Daroga Raj's decision known than a furious protest came from CPT and some members of the new Congress. CPI even threatened to withdraw support to the ministry if the Chief Minister did not withdraw his order. Rai, according to some members, had acted clearly at the behest of some of the old Congress leaders with whom the two engineers had close links.

MANILA-Ballot without Bullets

KATHMANDU Release that Misfired MUC H publicity was given in the Nepali Press recently to the story of Nahkiil Kazi who had been detained by the Varanasi police in India lor allegedly attempting to murder Bisheshwar Prasad Koirala, leader of the Nepalese Congress and Prime Minister of the first elected government in Nepal (1959-1960). Koirala, imprisoned since 1960 because of his differences with the King over Panchayati Raj, has been staying at Varanasi for medical treatment since his release from Nahlcu jail in October 1968. Since the royal takeover in December 1960, when the uncomfortable alliance between King Mahendra and Koirala's popularly elected government was unceremoniously terminated, Koirala has spent about eight years in various Nepalese jails where treatment of political prisoners is by no means exemplary. Koirala's health deteriorated rapidly, a ground which was used for his release. But there were indications that it was the King's anxiety about the upsurge of popular movements in the country, and especially in poverty-stricken agrarian areas, that had persuaded the King to took to Koirala's Congress as a political counter-weight. Koirala had therefore lieen released and allowed to go to India for medical treatment. During the past 12 months of his freedom there have been several attempts on his life

HONG KONG-Cambodian Idiom of Growth

sounded more Mysorean than most others in the State. The harangue prov ed not wholly pointless. The Indira faction, led by Davaraj Urs and Daya- nanda Sagar, does not seem to have made much of an impact. Meanwhile, the suspensions, dismissals and ad hoc committee-formations go on.

SOUTH-EAST ASIA- Propaganda or Panic

December 13, 1969 evaluation of his academic progress, on objective criteria, by a committee of experts, should enable him to reach the highest rung of the ladder faster if his merit is proved.

SOUTH-EAST ASIA- Philippines Chance to Get Moving

SOUTH-EAST ASIA Philippines' Chance to Get Moving T J S George NOW that the hurly-burly of Philippines' shotgun elections is dissipating (it isn't over yet!), it is becoming clear that the country at last has a chance to get on to a de-politicalise d plateau and get moving. All comments on the elections start with the point that Ferdinand Marcos has become the first president in Philippines" history to be elected to a second term, but the more important point is that he cannot be elected to a third. This means that for the first time Philippines has a president with no overriding need to placate the electorate. Marcos has four clear years during which to push policies which, even if they do not promise to win votes for him, are good for his country.

HONG KONG- Living without Ho

Living without Ho HONG KONG THE death of Ho Chi Minh was primarily a human event for Asians, but China and Russia did their best to politicalise it. As it turned out, the Soviet leaders showed much more finesse. The initial advantage went to the Chinese who despatched Chou En-lai himself on what appeared to be a spontaneous gesture of sympathetic grief. But two subsequent events neutralised what advantage Peking had gained. First, Chou En-lai returned to Peking as soon as it was known that Soviet Premier Kosygin was going to Hanoi; the official announcement made it out that he had in fact returned to Peking earlier, but few outside observers believed this. Second, the Russians scored a fine propaganda point by criticising the Chinese for "mourning in a hurry".

HONG KONG-Aura of Distrust

HONG KONG Aura of Distrust T J S George IN winning friends abroad, VIP visits are fine as far as they go. But they do not go nearly as far as the decisive image spread by nationals resident abroad. For all Indira Gandhi's headline- crammed tours of Asia, her success in restoring India's prestige and popularity in this part of the world will be governed by the general impression Indians as a community create in the countries of Asia. And this is not a terribly favourable impression

HONG KONG- Defenders Rush In

ed question is : if they wanted to strengthen the forces of integration, what prevented them from pursuing that objective during the last six months? They obviously wanted to have the best of all worlds

HONG KONG-Homage to Chastity

Cabinet has empowered the Home Minister to reinstate them. While these are necessary steps in the right direction, it will be naive to consider that they are adequate. The UF has also to revive the waning popular enthusiasm which alone can provide a democratic counter-weight to reactionary machinations and intrigues.

HONG KONG-Et Tu, Philippines!

eminent, dominated by kulaks and traders, dare rot mop up savings in the agricultural and tertiary sectors. In the last week of May lauki (luffa cylindrica) was being sold for five paise a kilo; now it is being sold for 60 paise a kilo, because the vegetable-growers have destroyed standing crops of vegetables. Reports have come of even sugarcane being burnt in the fields. Experts agree that concealment and evasion of sales-tax in the State is about 50 per cent. Standing arrears of sales- tax now amount to Rs 16 crores and the Government has done practically nothing to realise it.


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